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Leaving cards
6019_leaving_missed 6020_leaving_best 6021_leaving_inspire
All cards are 150mm x 150mm or A5 and come in packs of 6. The cost of six is £5.90 with free p&p. Cards are printed on thick card and come cellophane-wrapped with a white envelope. TRADE ONLY PLEASE - MINIMUM ORDER £50.

Code 6016: Sad to see you go
You're leaving
Soooooo sad to see you go
6016_leaving_sad 6017_leaving_great 6018_leaving_smile
Code 6017: Bloody Great
You're leaving. Damn,
you're bloody great you are
Code 6017: Smile
You're leaving. Shame that, you made us all SMILE
Code 6018: Really Missed
You're leaving
you'll be really missed
Code 6019: The Best
You're leaving us
Shame that, you so definitely are the best
Code 6020: Inspired
Shame you're leaving us
You totally inspired us
Code 6021: Legend
You're leaving us
Shame, you're a LEGEND
Code 7011: Missed
You're leaving
You will be missed
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