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Birthday birds and fishy greetings cards
Sentimental greetings cards
Code 6002 Bloody Great Code 6005 You Rock Code 6009 Smile Code 6013 Betterman
Sentimental greetings cards
Occasions greetings cards
Code 6017 Leaving Card Cide 6024 Good Luck, you're fab Code 6031 It's a Girl Code 6037 Congratulations
Occasions greetings cards
Funny Stuff greetings cards
Code 1079 Lathe Code 1083 Bricks Code 1084 Lucky Dip Code 1092 Chav
Funny Stuff greetings cards
Code 3067 Kebab Code 3070 Fairy Code 3068 Piggy FM Code 3071 Socks
Kooky greetings cards
Kooky greetings cards
Code 7000 You are the best Code 7001 You old bugger Code 7004 You are an idiot Code 7006 You are a nutjob
Lord Kitchener cards
Lord Kitchener greetings cards
Birthday Bliss greetings cards
Birthday bliss cards
Code 8000 30 Stop Fretting Code 8004 30 Oh FFS Code 8008 ROTFLMAO Code 8011 OMG
Hatty Boots
Funky Pigeon
Each of our lovely cards is either 150mm x 150mm or A5 in size, and is printed on thick quality card. All come cellophane-wrapped with a good quality envelope.

We sell our cards to trade customers only in packs of six for £5.90, and postage and packaging is free.

If you'd like to purchase, please use the 'Add to Cart' Paypal buttons beneath each card.

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Applepip Endearments greetings card range
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